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Preventing Voter Fraud Part 2 – Voter ID

Map of Ohio highlighting Hamilton County

Map of Ohio highlighting Hamilton County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope that at this point in your reading(s), you realize that there is indeed Voter Fraud. The tough part is coming up with plans to stop it. A citizen has an absolute right to vote (U.S. Constitution, Amendment 15), and the Congress has the right to enforce it. It is clear that both political parties have engaged in Voter Fraud and it is time to make sure that each citizen has a right to vote and that each citizen’s vote is equally important and has the same electoral impact.

There are many types of Voter Fraud and we will check the major methods to prevent this Voter Fraud. The major method is to educate the voters in a way that I am attempting to do. The next most important method to prevent this fraud is to make sure that the person voting is allowed to vote and properly registered to vote. The last method is to make sure that the person voting is indeed the person registered.

There are those left-wing liberals and socialists that believe any attempt to enforce this right to make sure that methods to prevent Voter Fraud are implemented is Disenfranchisement. They claim that minorities would not be able to both register to vote OR vote in the various elections. In my voting precinct; Precinct 25-I, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio it is so easy to vote that you never have to leave the house and if you do, you can walk unless you are disabled. You also, if aged or handicapped and unable to enter the polling station, you have the right to vote in your car.

There are those states that are attempting to require a voter ID to vote, and yes, those Liberals and Socialists think that voters can’t get one. This is ridiculous. If you want to vote you can obtain this identification. Get a family member, neighbor, church member, etc. to take you to the Department of Motor Vehicles. There is really NO justifiable reason, unless you are totally bed ridden in a hospital or nursing home, that you can’t get this ID. Ohio permits utility bills, phone bills, etc. at this time giving people the time to obtain this photo ID.

Ohio is trying to prevent Voter Fraud, but I must say that there are many things needed. One piece of necessary legislation is the requirement that the Secretary of State assemble a database consisting of voter registrations from every county in the state. This would let cross referencing of voters to make sure that they are not registered anywhere else in the state. It would also be helpful if every state had this database and permitted a nationwide search.

States should make sure that a legal person can vote only once.

Don’t let anyone buy an election.

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