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Ilario Pantano

Ilario Pantano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get Out and VOTE!
THIS IS IT! Primary Day is finally upon us, and your long-awaited opportunity to send a real conservative and patriot to Washington is at hand! So if you didn’t vote early, please get out and vote tomorrow, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  To find your polling location, follow this link: http://www.ncsbe.gov/PrecinctFinder.aspx Help Spread Ilario’s Message We need your help to spread Ilario’s message as voters make their way to the polls. Please donate a few hours of your time to hold a sign at your local polling location or make some phone calls reminding your neighbors to vote. Stop by our office at 8207 Market St. in Wilmington anytime today or tomorrow. If you are willing to show your support for Ilario at a voting location, contact Jason Britt at Jason@pantanoforcongress.com or call him at (910) 876-4261. If you don’t live in the district, please help spread Ilario’s message on Facebook or by email. To view Ilario’s 4P (Prosper, Protect, Preserve, Principled Leadership) platform, follow this link: http://pantanoforcongress.com/issues-0, and please share it with your friends and family. Visit our website: www.PantanoForCongress.com to view articles on our race, videos, and other great information on Ilario and the NC-7 Primary. Join Ilario and His Family at Our Victory Party Tomorrow Evening After the polls close tomorrow, the Pantano for Congress Campaign will be holding a celebration for supporters and volunteers at the Fox and Hound Restaurant in Mayfaire Town Center in Wilmington. Ilario, Jill, and the boys will be welcoming supporters and watching with them as the Primary Day results come in. The Campaign has reserved a private room from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Dinner and refreshments will be served (Dutch treat). The Fox and the Hound is located at 920 Town Center Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405. 4P Platform – Share It With Your Friends! PROSPER – An author, Pantano has worked in global markets and small business. He has signed the front of a paycheck and understands that we grow our national economy by cuttingtaxes and regulation

  • Create private sector jobs by reducing taxes and bureaucratic uncertainty
  • Build industry by lifting burdensome regulation. Repeal Obamacare
  • CUT, CAP, BALANCE: Make substantial CUTS in spending that will reduce the deficit; impose enforceable statutory CAPS on spending that put us on a path to a balanced budget; and pass a BALANCED Budget Amendment that limits spending and requires a super majority for raising taxes
  • Secure American energy independence and put Americans back to work by developing all of our energy resources

PROTECT – A U.S. Marine Corps officer, Pantano has fought two wars, for his family and for yours, and in Congress he will always fight for our military and our national security

  • Protect our homeland and our economy by securing the borders
  • Protect our citizens from terrorists and Islamic extremist
  • Guard against Chinese currency manipulation and Middle East oil blackmail
  • Anticipate future threats including Radiological and EMP, Biological, and Cyber attacks

PRESERVE – A Christian, Pantano is a husband and father of two young children and wants to preserve the traditional family values and conservative principles upon which our nation was founded

  • Preserve our God-given rights as a nation conceived in Liberty
  • Protect traditional marriage and stop Leftist judicial activism
  • Pro-life: Protect God’s most innocent and vulnerable, the unborn
  • Protect our 2nd amendment right to bear arm
  • Respect our seniors by honoring our promise to preserve Social Security and Medicare

PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP – Pantano, a former deputy Sheriff, wants to end the culture of corruption in Washington

  • Demand term-limits to replace our career politicians with citizen legislators; pass an amendment to the Constitution limiting members of Congress to three terms in the House of Representatives and two terms in the Senate
  • Curb the influence of special interest money by shutting the revolving door between lobbyists and Congress in order to restore the people’s trust in government
  • Cut the Pay of members of Congress by 25%, eliminate their Federal pensions and strip them of their Gold plated medical insurance
  • Restore America’s faith in Government by ending Congressional insider trading

For more information, go to www.PantanoForCongress.com

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*Graduated from Columbia College, Columbia, MO with a BAAJ degree in Administration of Justice. *U.S. Navy Veteran of 15 years. Medical separation. Rank of Chief Petty Officer. *Married and Father of two. *Born Again Christian


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My name is Jack Pierce and I am interested in politics. I used to say that "if you are not helping to elect local politicians, then you deserve what you get". I am fed up with what we get and I want to make a difference. Join Me.


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