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Hispanics: Take Them or Leave Them

Green Card Front

Green Card Front (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

'USCIS To Issue Redesigned Green Card'

'USCIS To Issue Redesigned Green Card' (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Democrats believe that Hispanics should have an open border, with immediate citizenship. What is wrong with this policy? Let’s see:

The Federal Government is the body that is responsible for Immigration and Naturalization and not one political party. Wait a minute; the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress and the Presidency the first two years of Obama’s reign. Why didn’t they change the immigration policy then? Why indeed?

Our immigration issue is not just Hispanics. Every nation on earth used to have people that wanted to come here to live. If the Federal Government said that we needed one million people trained in certain fields of study and trades. What do we do when three million people cross our southern border illegally. Should we stop legal migration for an illegal one?

We had this discussion in 1986 when the USA decided to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

Immigration Amnesty

“The proposed immigration amnesty would benefit the 12 to 20 million undocumented aliens (illegal immigrants) currently living in the United States. An amnesty for illegal aliens forgives their acts of illegal immigration and implicitly forgives other related illegal acts such as driving and working with false documents. The result of an amnesty is that large numbers of foreigners who illegally gained entry into the United States are rewarded with legal status (Green Card) for breaking immigration laws.

The United States has granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants through different amnesty and laws. Before the first amnesty in 1986, amnesty was only given on a case by cases basis. Amnesty was never given to a large group of individuals. The first (and supposedly one-time only) amnesty in 1986 gave about 2.8 million illegal immigrations the opportunity to change their status through the Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA).” http://www.usamnesty.org/

Nothing was learned then, because we have the same problem now.

Democrats do not want to stop illegal immigration, but is willing to give out Amnesty over and over again.

The Republicans are confused on this matter; what we need is one honest, fair and equitable plan. I know some plans call for a fence along the border. I think that each illegal alien that wishes to stay and begin the long process to obtain a “Green Card,” should have to:

  • Divulge to ICE Agents how they entered the USA in order to close all tunnels and other illegal paths into the U.S.  (Note: Lying during any part of this process will result in immediate deportation. Lying to a Federal Officer is a Felony.)
  • Assist in the building of a solid rock wall, designed by engineers to withstand all natural calamities as well as tunnels, ladders, and other means of man-made entry.
  • After the wall is stopping all illegal immigration, then and only then may a “Green Card” be issued. A provisional ‘Green Card’ will be issued to all persons, including family members when they register for this plan.
  • All illegal immigrants that have not registered for this program, prior to the commencement of erecting the wall, will be evicted from this country. All necessary prison time will be served repairing the wall and erecting a Federal Prison along the wall. This prison will hold both sentenced Hispanic persons as well as those detained for a deportation hearing, which will be held at the prison.
  • Any person harboring, aiding, and abetting; employing; renting a residence; etc to any person that is here illegally (No Green Card), shall be punished in accordance with established law.
  • Finally, a change to the 14th Amendment is necessary. Only natural persons or naturalized persons having a child should hold U.S. Citizenship. This Amendment should confirm to the standards and policies of many of our treaty nations.

I freely admit that I am not a lawyer, but any reasonable person should be able to understand my plan. This plan, or another similar plan, should be enacted soon. This will give time for our Hispanic Politicians to announce our plan to both the legal and illegal Hispanic population. This plan will be enacted by a Republican Congress and President in January, 2013.

Truly Help the Hispanics in This Country – Vote Conservative


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*Graduated from Columbia College, Columbia, MO with a BAAJ degree in Administration of Justice. *U.S. Navy Veteran of 15 years. Medical separation. Rank of Chief Petty Officer. *Married and Father of two. *Born Again Christian


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